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Show Poster

“Dynamic, immersive, and engaging... Global Soundscapes has transformed our theater into a true interactive learning experience allowing our guests to become citizen scientists while investigating the world through sound.”

—Don Comeaux, Executive Director
Exploreum Science Center

“It was fun! I liked the part when it was comparing 2008 to 2015... In 2008 there were a lot more vibrations and noise than in 2015.”

—Middle School Student

“I liked the part with the bat... it can hear so much better than us and it uses echolocation to find its food.”

—Middle School Student

“I thought it was really good... It gave lots of real-life and relevant information that students were interested in. It had a really good balance of live interaction and technology interaction. Students learned a lot about a new type of science called soundscape ecology... and how learning and studying sounds can teach us about ecosystems, ecosystems health, and what direction the planet is going in.”

—Middle School Teacher

Foxfire Interactive

Purdue University

Masters Digital

Connecticut Science Center

National Audubon Society

Perkins School for the Blind